Boys fashion shoes | New fashion shoes

Boys fashion shoes | New fashion shoes best

Boys fashion shoes | New fashion shoes Today we’re going over one of my favorite subjects, shoes. Today we’re going over the types of shoes you need in your closet. 5 types of shoes that will make sure you don’t have to go shoe shopping again- a show for every occasion! and let me know if you have all 5 in your closet!

So in this blog we have discussed everything you need to know about shoes. To make it simpler let me divide that into small pointers:

Boys fashion shoes | New fashion shoes
Best shoes trends 2022
– Shoes fashion
– Shoes mistakes
– Sneaker fashion
– Best sneakers
– Budget shoes
– Budget shopping
– Budget sneakers
– Casual shoes
– Formal shoes
– Shoes mistakes
– Best shoe shopping tips / Shoe guide
– Explained the formal shoes family: from oxford shoes, to derby shoes, to brogues to double monk straps in detail.
– Boot/ Chelsea boots
– Best white sneakers and
what all occasions you can rock them.
And many more things!

Boys fashion shoes | New fashion shoes

New fashion shoes

White Leather sneaker


white leather sneakers
white leather sneakers

every man needs a pair of white sneakers white sneakers just work with literally everything you have in your closet  it is insane how versatile and how much you’re going to use and wear this white sneakers now you can wear them to the beach trunks you can wear them with a suit if you’re trying to look cool and different

2  Dress shoes

you need one pear of nice  dress shoes that are black that will match basically all of the outfit that you have in closet and if you want a second pear go for brown and dark brown nice chocolate dark brown perfect with those  two you’re gonna be able to were any type of  suits any colors any formal outfit that you have

3. Training Sneaker

if you’re going to gym and you’re lifting heavy you you want a flat bottom a flat sole so that you can have all the support you need to lift the  heavy weights at the gym  if you’re going to running you need something that is extra light extra comfortable light and flexible

4. Everyday Casual Kicks

buy vans sneakers 

Boys fashion shoes
Boys fashion shoes

converse sneakers for men buy

Boys fashion shoes
Boys fashion shoes

sneakers are amazing because one they’re very affordable and you can find them in pretty much every footwear store out there  and online

  • Sole: Suede
  • Closure: Lace-Up
  • Shoe Width: Medium
  • Outer material: Canvas
  • These Vans shoes for men are simple, yet classy and are sure to make any outfit look stylish.
  • Vans Men’s
  • Item Package Weight: 800.0 grams

5. Trendy Sneaker

Who Shut Down Your Personality, Whatever Trend You Like You Can Go With It

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Boys fashion shoes | New fashion shoes
Boys fashion shoes | New fashion shoes


Boys fashion shoes | New fashion shoes


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